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Windfall for the BC Government

Seems taxes ( HST, Carbon, Tobacco, Personal, etc, etc ) are not the only thing keeping our over spending government going.


This from the Canadian Press vis Canadian Business, “Northern B.C. marijuana grower must forfeit $125,000 to the Crown

Why not legalize the shit and be done with it. They could collect a lot more on taxes if the legalized the weed and would’nt have to spend countless millions on police, crown counsels and courts and prisons convincing people.


Thought we lived in 2011 not 1985.


Here’s a hint BC via [Philadelphia Daily News]:  D.A.: Philly’s new pot policy just makes sense … and saves dollars Now I wonder if any Crown Counsel or any police department in BC can learn a thing or two.

I’m half in and half out on the HST in BC

As a working stiff I don’t want the HST anymore than the next working stiff since and this the only reason “value-added tax will hurt families because it dumps $2 billion of the tax burden onto consumers from business”


If I was in business then yes I would be voting “NO” but I’m not so I’m voting “YES”, unless of course I win a lottery, which highly unlikely, then I’ll be voting “NO”, but what all this (the federal and provincial  governments) is doing is creating a have-have not society, where if your lucky enough to get past the middle class and into the money then your just a slave to both the company you work for and the governments that supposedly you elect.