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A Round of Applause for BC Hydro

BC Hydro keeps saying they need more money to upgrade the infrastructure in BC but with every increases what happens, the infrastructure fails so why should we pay the higher rates if you are not going to fix the problem?    via The Vancouver Sun JULY 5, 2011 4:32 PMCollapse of hydro tower led to power outages, traffic chaos

On Vancouver Island when Highway # 1 was closed between Victoria and Mill Bay earlier this year, the company responsible covered the costs of people that it inconvenienced. I sure hope BC Hydro is made to do the same.

I’m half in and half out on the HST in BC

As a working stiff I don’t want the HST anymore than the next working stiff since and this the only reason “value-added tax will hurt families because it dumps $2 billion of the tax burden onto consumers from business”


If I was in business then yes I would be voting “NO” but I’m not so I’m voting “YES”, unless of course I win a lottery, which highly unlikely, then I’ll be voting “NO”, but what all this (the federal and provincial  governments) is doing is creating a have-have not society, where if your lucky enough to get past the middle class and into the money then your just a slave to both the company you work for and the governments that supposedly you elect.