Monthly Archives: June 2011

What did the G8 Summits Accomplish

It sit here reading the news from all corners of the globe, since the unemployment situation really has changed that much over the course of the year, except more people are either working for wages under the table, part time or are not looking for a job at all and I keep seeing that the global economies are just about as bad as they were a year ago if not two and for all the G8 summits that countries hosted including Canada, that spent just under a billion dollars on, what have they accomplished other than send the world to the brink of what is referred to as a double dip.

From where I sit the G8 countries wasted not only time but a lot of peoples money for photo op’s and nothing more.

B.C. Provincial Government Starts To Print Money

I cannot believe the Liberals in BC today, ok this week.

Not a month ago, but before the riots in Vancouver BC, the provincial government could’nt afford to pay the sheriffs to stand in court and escort prisoners. The Ministry was trying to find money within their ministry to pay them.

Fast forward a month and the Premier is now handing money out that it must have printed in the past month or they won a lottery they did’nt tell us, the taxpayers of BC, since so far they have handed out just shy on 10 million dollars in the past week to two different causes. On Monday June 27 2011, the premier committed $550,000 towards a new facility that will train workers to build and repair ships. See article B.C. contributes $550,000 to new shipbuilding training facility.

Not twenty four house later she’s announcing 7.5 million dollars to help get the Vancouver Island rail back on track but this is on condition that the belt tightening federal government come through with the same amount See Article B.C. commits to Vancouver Island rail upgrades.

So where did the money come from, since they could’nt afford this a month ago or have the money presses been working overtime in the basement of the legislature in Victoria BC.